In addition to Clarence Valley septics liquid waste operations, we also provide a range of industrial services related to the liquid waste industry:

Vacuum Excavation

Also known as non destructive digging and hydro excavation, our range of vehicles, with large and small debris capacity, use a combination of vacuum and high pressure water to trench and safely excavate around existing utilities.

Vacuum Loading

High velocity vacuum loading units allow for the relocation of materials such as dry or wet sludge easily and economically. Materials can be disposed of or placed in an alternative location on site.

Drain Cleaning

High pressure jetting and vacuum equipment uses a range of rotating nozzles and root cutting blades with capacity over large distances allowing the unblocking and cleaning of all drain types and sizes with complete removal of debris and the recycling of waste water.

Bulk Liquid Waste

Our range of liquid tank capacities from 10kl to 26kl can provide bulk removal solutions for septic, leachate or any other contaminated water.

buried underground cables

Cable Location

Cable location or electronic detection is used to locate underground services precisely and quickly prior to any excavation.

CCTV Pipe Inspections

Utilising the latest Wincan software we can report and record on obstructions or defects in pipes and culverts. This assists with blockages, maintenance, leaks or other problems in inaccessible locations.

If you need a quote, or more information on any of our Industrial Services, please give us a call – we’d love to assist!

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